The experience of IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. in the field of civil engineering construction is very broad: the photo on this page is a clear example. It shows controlled demolition by explosive material. Our client was the Ente Autonomo del Porto di Palermo. The implosion was realized in 1985 and it is the biggest demolition by explosive ever realized in Italy in which the entire structure collapses on itself in only one implosion: 150.000 m3.

We will present some of the most interesting works realized in more than 70 years of experience in the next pages.

The works are divided into three groups:

The three groups well represent the main fields of activity of the enterprise because maritime works have been our core business since the 1970s, dredging works - which is a discipline of marine works - need specific equipment, and the enterprise has great experience also in other sectors of civil engineering.

The work lists include all the experience as contractor along the history of the companies as illustrated in the history page.

For these reasons, it is correct to attribute to IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. all the civil engineering works in the next lists, because these experiences of the management and the realized works are part of the references of IGC Dragaggi s.r.l..

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