Certificate of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Industry Handicraft and Agriculture

The Italian Chambers of Commerce Industry Handicraft and Agriculture (CCIAA) is a public body that performs functions of general interest for the business system, focusing on the development of local economies. One of the tasks of the Italian Chamber of Commerce is archiving and updating business registers where all the main information on all firms and businesses are recorded.

Our society is registered in the Enterprise Register (Registro Imprese) of the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo.

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ISO 9000 Certificate

IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. has had its quality management system certified since 2004 following the ISO 9001:2008 requirements for the maritime works and dredging sector (Sector EA28).

It is necessary to say that the good results of our enterprise in its long history and the high quality of the execution does not only depend on the respect of the requirements of the quality management system, which is a generic instrument that every Italian construction company must have, but it is mainly due to the respect of the contracts and their rules and to the wish and the pride to execute high quality works following the best rules of engineering

The evidences of this affirmation are is the longevity of our works and the satisfaction of the users.

SOA Certificate

The SOA Certificate is a compulsory document necessary to participate in public tenders and realize public works in Italy. (DPR 207/2010)

IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. had the SOA Certificate as described below:

Category Classification
OG7 Maritime works and dredging V € 5.164.569
OG1 Civil and industrial building II € 516.547

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IGC Dragaggi s.r.l.

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