IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. is the third generation of a family of entrepreneurs who have devoted their lives to realize public and private civil engineering works.

The founder of the activity of the enterprise was Salvatore Castagna, who started his professional life in the Italian Army as a lieutenant of the Corps of Engineers in the late 1930s, after having obtained his title of “geometra” in Agrigento and having attended the Military Academy.

He was convinced that the military carrier in the corps of engineers would be the activity of his life, but the Second World War changed his life programs. So, when in 1943 he lost his “employer” due to the outcome of the war event, it was natural for him who had managed the army civil works to follow his activity in civil engineering works starting the activity of enterprise of public works in Sicily immediately after the end of the Second World War.

Among the works he realised there are the construction and reparation of national roads, city streets (we remember that he built in the early 1950s the prolongation of Via Notarbartolo in Palermo, which nowadays is Via Leornando da Vinci), houses building, schools buildings, aqueducts (he built an aqueduct in Altavilla Milicia, Palermo, that is still working and that it necessary to build some tunnels), sewage pipelines and maritime works.

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Since the early 1960s, the two sons of Salvatore, Giuseppe and Aldo, both civil engineers, continued the activity of their father.

The two sons established each one his own company: Giuseppe in 1963 and Aldo in 1969.

In 1976, the family founded an LTD company. The three companies operated successfully in maritime works and dredging, fields in which they realised many public works and where they gained high specialization.

Giuseppe’s son, Salvatore, obtained his Italian title of Civil Engineering in 1995 and soon after moved to Spain where he obtained, first, the title of Ingeniero de Caminos Canales y Puertos (Spanish Civil Engineer) and then his PhD in Soil Mechanics from the Univerisitat Politecnica de Catanunya.

Thanks to the presence of Giuseppe’s son in Spain, the enterprise Ing. Giuseppe Castagna started participating and awarding public contracts in Spain. The list of public works realised in Spain is very large and all the contracts were developed with full satisfaction of the Public Administration and final users. All the contracts were finished successfully as usuall and we are proud that between our Spanish clients there are important Public Administrations such as Port Authorities and Regional Governments.

In 2011, when Giuseppe Castagna was close to 50 years of activity and was already 70 years old, he decided to guarantee the continuity of the enterprise renting some branches of his company to IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. which is owned by his children. So, IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. will be active in the field of maritime works, dredging, earth moving and demolitions and Ing. Giuseppe Castagna will follow with other civil engineering fields.

Salvatore Castagna, Giuseppe’s son, is the majority partner, sole administrator and technical director of the new company: IGC Dragaggi s.r.l.. The company holds the property of maritime equipment for the realisation of maritime works and dredging.

Salvatore Castagna, civil engineer, has been technical director of his father's company since 1995, until his transfer to IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. and he was getting more and more important managing the work sites and the enterprise in general, he is the one who will transfer the experiences of the past to IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. to move the enterprise to its future following with the family’s tradition.

The Castagnas give to IGC Dragaggi the important task to follow with their tradition in the world of public works.

IGC Dragaggi s.r.l.

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