IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. is a civil engineering construction company highly specialized in maritime works and dredging.

The company has its roots in the activities of the Castagnas, civil engineers who have been building civil infrastructures for 70 years in Italy and abroad. They have carried out constructions in all the fields of civil infrastructures in Italy and Spain, where they have been present since 1999 and where they have carried out many important dredging contracts in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Atlantic Ocean. The enterprise has worked in Gulf of Biscay for more than 10 years.

The final result of this large experience is a high degree of specialization in every kind of port realization (small, medium and big size). On several occasions, we realized works which were unique for their difficulty and for the necessary technical effort in their realization.

The main clients of IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. are Public Administrations: Port Authorities and Regional Governments.

IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. is a construction company that has a large experience in many sectors of civil engineering works, but our natural vocation and passion are maritime works and dredging, a field in which our company has gained a very high degree of specialization.

IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. has maritime equipments to carry out maritime and dredging works, such as dredgers, pontoons and hoppers. The fleet follows are kept in perfect efficiency conditions thanks to a continuous maintenance program and the equipments is improved continuously.

Furthermore, thanks to the long experience in maritime works and dredging and to our international contacts with other maritime enterprises, we can find and mobilize maritime equipments which can be necessary for the realization of a work.

Among the main principles that rule the activity of our enterprise can be remembered:

These principles are established in the technical capacity and the high specialized level that we gained in many years of maritime works and dredging that allow us to develop every work successfully.

Special thanks to our staff, land and seafarer people, who put in their jobs passion, competence and a generous sense of duty and who transform the good intentions of the enterprise management into reality.


IGC Dragaggi s.r.l.

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