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Banchina Mondello

IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. is an Italian limited liability company.

Registered main office

Piazza Strauss nº 10 - 90144 Palermo (Italy).

Sole administrator and technical director

Salvatore Castagna, PhD in Civil engineering.

Objects of the company

The business purpose of IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. is the design and construction of civil engineering works for public administrations and private companies. The object of the company is fully expressed in the Chamber of Commerce Certificate. Click here to download a copy.

The official text of its object lists all the types of civil engineering constructions with a special attention to those fields in which a high degree of specialization and the use of special and heavy machinery are required.

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Chamber of Commerce Inscription Data

IGC Dragaggi s.r.l. is a member of Palermo Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA - Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato ed Agricoltura). Its registration number is 06021990822 and the REA (Registro delle Imprese) number is 292222.

TAX and VAT Code


IGC Dragaggi s.r.l.

Piazza Strauss nº 10, 90144 Palermo (Italy). TAX and VAT Code IT 06021990822

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